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house on a stream

 architect at architecture brio, mumbai 2012


A stream weaves through this weekend Mumbai getaway. Like an organism trying to make the best of its resources and surroundings, the house with its several limbs reaches out into the landscape, sometimes a beautiful tree, sometimes the cascading monsoon water. A multitude of medicinal and fruit bearing trees provide an intimate ambience and a comfortable microclimate. The day areas are separated from the master bedroom by a bridge that spans across the stream. The kitchen is the heart of the house : a large high ceiling, inviting volume. The living, dining, pantry and guest bedroom span out from here in different directions, sometimes embracing a tree to create a courtyard, or sometimes lifted off the ground onto the panoramic mountain view, utilising the full potential the site has to offer. A connection between the manmade and nature is emphasized by the simple use of highly detailed terazzo, burma timber, raw concrete and pure white plaster.


*all images courtesy Architecture BRIO

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