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A collage of diverse competitions with Prof. Pablo Molestina. From small plazas to residential complexes to entire neighbourhood development, there is an extra focus on open spaces. Spaces are responsive to their surroundings as well as their inhabitants.

Mixed residential neighbourhoods are encouraged

and urban and rural characters are sensitively

composed to create new urban areas.

- Residential development Ulmer Höh' Süd, Düsseldorf

- Old age home Haus im Park, Düren

- Residential development Rheinturm, Düsseldorf

- Residential development Neues urbanes Wohnen, Flingern

- Old age home Pflegedorf Flammersfeld, Altenkirchen

- Student residences Lutterterrasse, Göttingen

- Housing quartier development Damiansweg, Cologne

- Urban development Grombühl, Würzburg

- Residential development Zuhause in der Vogelsiedlung, Meerbusch

- Façade development Messe City Deutz, Cologne

diverse architectural and urban competitions

architect at molestina architekten, cologne 2015 - 2017

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